Monday, 10 February 2014

Why I feel that the movie version of Eat Pray Love was better than the book

Why The Movie Version Of Eat Pray Love Is Better Than The Book.

I feel the movie of Eat Pray Love was better because the movie writers were able to leave things out without changing the ending.
I will prove my point with the following:

·         In the book, several chapters looked at how Wayan picked a house. In the movie, she picked one right away. She got a house anyway, without us needing to know the details of her decision. This had no effect on the outcome of the house purchase.

·         In the book, there was a chapter about Luca Spaghetti’s birthday. In the movie, instead of having his birthday, they had thanksgiving. I think it was better to have the thanksgiving rather the birthday because it was new to them. Italians don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving so she was teaching them some of her culture. I think that they got closer because of this, and the movie really showed us how close they could be.

·         In the book, Liz spends a few chapters in Italian school. In the movie she taught herself Italian. So, the writers managed to sum up her language experience without making her go through those chapters of Italian school. In both the movie and the book she learned Italian. So, it didn’t matter how she learned it.

·         In the book, there is a part where she and her husband are crying together about 9/11. In the book, it didn’t affect anything anyway, so obviously when they left it out of the movie it didn’t really matter. To be honest I think that they didn’t want to put it in the movie anyway, even if it did affect the outcome. I think it would be too close to when it happened at the time and they didn’t want anyone to hate the movie because of it.

·         In the book, Liz moved out of David’s apartment and found an apartment. In the movie she moved out of David’s place and went right to Rome. But it didn’t matter either way. They still broke up, so it didn’t have any outcome on the ending at all.


However I do feel that two points should have been included in the movie to help us understand Liz.

·         In the book, there is mention of Liz taking anti-depressants. In the movie there isn’t really much mention of her being depressed. The only time of the movie where she was depressed was the beginning. In the movie, she is pretty depressed during the whole thing. I think if the movie mentioned the medication at all than we would get to know Liz’s personality a bit more.

·         In the book she talks to herself in a little notebook she carries with her. It kind of goes with the depression. But, the notebook was a big part of the book and I feel that it should have been included in the movie. The notebook showed that even when she felt that no one was there she always had herself.


In conclusion, even with my exceptions I feel the evidence proves the movie writers did a better job of telling the story.

Personally, I feel that movies are better in the sense that it is easier to get captured in it. Especially if Morgan Freeman is narrating…  But, I think that is why more people watch movies instead of books.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ABC's New Show

This was also an assignment. This is just a story :D


ABC's New Show

About a year ago ABC had announced a brand new show. It was like Survivor, except this show was deadly. Twelve unlucky celebrities were randomly selected to stay at an island until there was only one person left.

Ellen Degeneres, P!nk, Pitbull, James Franco, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelly Clarkson, Bill Gates, The Stereos, Ed Sheeran, Grumpy Cat, Oliver Sykes, and Niall Horan were all in a boat on the way to the island. "Seriously?" James looked at the celebrities in front of him. "A cat? Who's stupid idea was that?" He picked up the cat and tossed it overboard. Everyone looked at him, shocked. He shrugged. "One less to worry about." With that P!nk picked up The Stereos  and threw them overboard too. "They were dead to the world anyway." They all nodded.

When they got to the island, Ed opened up the huge crate of supplies that was waiting for them. Inside the crate there were three jugs of water, twelve muffins, one bottle of wine, one lighter, a bottle of hairspray, two necklaces, a cell phone, a backup battery, a jacket, ten brochures, four envelopes, a onesie, an umbrella, a video game book, one bean bag chair, a sweater, a ring, a backpack, a pair of sneakers, a vest, a dog tag, a bottle of energy pills, one Mario pillow, a pair of boots, a waterproof phone case, a solar-powered phone charger, granola bars, a hat, seven burgers, a book, a beanie, some mints, and a GPS.

Oliver grabbed the bottle of wine and ran into the trees until they couldn't see him anymore. A high-pitched scream rang through the island. Arnold shrugged. "There goes another one."

It was getting late and they had passed out some of the supplies. Kelly was wearing the sweater, Niall was wearing the onesie, Ellen was wearing the jacket, P!nk wore the vest, Ed wore the beanie, and James wore the hat.

Pitbull was sitting in the bean bag chair. Arnold was sitting against a tree with the pillow behind his head. "Did we seriously eat all the food?" Niall asked. They all nodded. "Even the mints?" They nodded again. "Why don't we try to start a fire?" Ed suggested. "I'll get the wood." Arnold proclaimed. When he came back they put the wood in  pile and Bill threw the envelopes and brochures on it. He lit it with the lighter and sprayed some hairspray on it.

Ellen took the phone and put it in the case. She hid it in  bush with the battery and the charger. She didn't want to go insane.

When everyone was asleep Bill snuck out of the camp and took the crate with him. He was going to win. He didn't want to die. They wouldn't know what hit them.

When they woke up they noticed the crate was gone and so was Bill. "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" Kelly screamed. "Guys! Come here!" James yelled from the beach. They ran to him and they saw Bill, in the middle of the ocean on a raft made of wood with the crate beside him. He floated away, leaving them all to die.

Bill Gates had officially won.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

First Assignment

 So, let’s just get right into this, shall we? 

My first assignment is a book report. I’ll start at the beginning. I was told to pick three books; not just any books though. Non-fiction books that are movies! Of course there may be tons and tons, but it was hard to find three I liked.

But, after a lot of research I found three. My books were 127 Hours: Between A Rock And A Hard Place, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Eat Pray Love.

 After I had my books, I had to make a pros and cons list for each book. This was harder than I thought it would be, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. After I made the pros and cons list I looked at each list and picked one. I ended up picking Eat, Pray, Love.

 After I picked I had to write a conclusion. The conclusion was half a page and explained why I picked the book.

 Now that I have my book I am reading 30 pages a day. But, there is more. While you read you have to write down major events in those pages you read.

 After I finish reading I will have to watch the movie and see what events they put in the movie that were in the book. 

Then after I'm done I'm expecting another conclusion needs to be written.

 So, that’s my first assignment. It’s a good thing I actually like reading or this would be torture.